Dear Initiate,

Welcome to Proposal Alchemy. You are on a journey. Your story, leading up to and through your Proposal Development career, is no accident. Proposal Development is a special profession, offering opportunities not found elsewhere for solving problems, learning systems, overcoming challenges, meeting great frustrations, and celebrating ecstatic victories, all with the cherished community members with whom you have bonded along the way.

You have found Proposal Alchemy because you are ready for the next level of experience and perception to be revealed to you through your proposal development career. New lessons, new truths, and new success are yours to claim.

I am so excited to share this journey with you. Through my videos and writings here, I will induct you into all I have learned and discovered. And my journey is ongoing. Providing the Proposal Alchemy program helps me to process and assimilate what I am learning, and I know I will learn amazing new things from you, too.

Together in the Great Work,




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