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Thank you for your interest in engaging me to support you or your organization. The following descriptions represent the typical ways in which I can support your proposal development effort.

Conventional ("Shipley Style") Non-cost Proposal Support

ServiceDescriptionTypical Deliverables*Typical Pricing
Custom Hourly Proposal Support I become oriented to your objectives, circumstances, and constraints and apply my expertise and experience to support your proposal development effort through the most effective roles and activities.

  • Defined by client needs
$77 per hour
Proposal Self-Management Plan and Toolkit I perform upfront analysis of your RFP and provide a full plan and the tools and templates the team will need to develop the full proposal. 2-5 day turnaround based on RFP complexity and response period.

  • Two-hour Zoom orientation to the below
  • Highlights and comments in government solicitation documents 
  • List of recommended questions to customer in compliant format
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Schedule
  • Proposal Development Level of Effort/Roles
  • Solution/Win Theme Development Templates
  • Kickoff Slides
  • Proposal Volume Templates
  • Other templates as required by RFP (e.g., Resume, Letter of Commitment)
  • Other templates as requested (e.g., Cover Letter)
  • Daily Status Call Agenda and Guide
  • Pink Team In-briefing Slides
  • Pink Team Debriefing Slides
  • Red Team In-briefing Slides
  • Red Team Debriefing Slides
  • Gold Team Plan and Guidance
  • White Glove Plan and Guidance
  • Submission Checklist
  • Proposal Delivery Plan
  • Lessons Learned Template
$3,000 flat fee
Full Virtual Proposal Management In addition to providing the above, I actively manage the development activities up to submission and conduct the meetings for the team.

  • Plan and Toolkit (described above)
  • Daily Activity and Progress Report with Risk Tracking
  • Hourly management, analysis, and facilitation
  • Document management/desktop publishing as requested
  • Limited graphics support as requested
Above toolkit flat fee plus $77 per hour after Kickoff
Full On-site Proposal Management After developing the plan and toolkit, I co-locate with your team to provide the proposal management services as described above. Also includes final production management for hardcopy (binder) submissions.

All of the above. Above flat fee for toolkit plus $400/day on site, plus standard travel expenses
*All templates and tools can be developed in your organization's formats or customized formats of my creating.

"Proposal Alchemy" Non-cost Proposal Support

ServiceDescriptionDeliverablesTypical Pricing
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