Red Team and the Full Moon

If you have been "heads down" this week in your proposals, you may not be looking up--in the sky, that is! Tomorrow we have a Full Moon and a lunar eclipse at the North Node.

I just had an exceptionally effective Red Team today, and I was amazed by the high levels of participation, engagement, collaboration, optimism, and excitement of the team. Additionally, the authors were particularly receptive to and enthusiastic about critical feedback.

A proposal manager's dream come true, right?

There are many popular legends and superstitions around supposed effects of the Full Moon. Nurses report that births are more likely. Police report higher crime. This is all anecdotal, of course.

As an alchemist, I look at anecdotal evidence of experiences and test practices and techniques to see whether I can obtain repeatable results. And while it would be impossible to isolate the variables of "having a great Red Team" for a purely empirical measurement, to have consistent experiences that align to ancient wisdom is more than good enough for me to conclude that truth is present.

I have observed that the 28-day cycle of the Moon functions very much like an ocean wave, whose power can be productively harnessed. If you have performed or observed surfing, you understand that timing to catch a wave makes the difference between successfully riding a great distance and either disappointingly watching the wave go past or tragically being tossed by its power.

When possible, I schedule Red Team as closely to, but not after, the Full Moon as possible. For a ~30-day response period, a Kickoff on, but not before, the New Moon is similarly advantageous. Also interestingly, a Gold Team held at the Full Moon may yield far more "developmental" comments than is appropriate at that stage.

You don't have to believe me--try it. And if you want to learn more about why all of this is so, please let me know! This post also provides another clue about the upcoming video on the middle pillar--stay tuned!




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